About Us

HMS Richard's Preschool is a church affiliated private school. Because of our small class sizes, we have the ability to provide a very individualized teaching approach for your child. We aim to offer our students a high-quality education that will facilitate learning and prepare your child to transition into Kindergarten effortlessly. We believe in guiding our students to become quality citizens with a passion for learning, problem solving, and developing a Christ-like character.

Our Vision

At HMS Preschool we hope you will feel loved and know we want every single child to succeed and thrive in life.

Our Goal

Our goal is to encourage the natural wonder of the preschool-age child through social, intellectual, and spiritual growth in a safe, fun, Godly environment.

Our Mission


C - Christ-Centered

(Reflecting God’s character in attitudes and actions.)


H - Honor

(Showing value, dignity and high respect for people and property.)

E - Exploration

(Discovering new information to gain a deeper understanding of God and His creations.)

R - Responsibility

(Following directions, completing tasks, and taking ownership of choices.)

I - Integrity

(Being truthful, fair, and deserving of the trust of others.)

S - Service

(Working for the benefit of others.)

H - Heroism

(Making decisions that align with convictions and beliefs, even if it means standing alone.)

(an acronym that expresses the core of our Adventist school’s mission.)

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